Below, you will find some free files from where you can download exclusive Textile Design Books for free.

1. Textile Surface Design Book: Download this for free and know about surface design.

2. Textile Designing: A short book of Textile Desgin

3. Design & Art Facts: Extending culture in Textile Design. Know about this.

4. Large Textile Design Book: A well-described books in textile design.

5. Awesome Collection of Design: An exclusive Textile Design photo collection on one album.

6. Textile Design Project: An Ms word project in Textile Design.

7. Anthology of Textile Design: A book of Textile Design Anthology.

8. Textile Design Project 2: Books of a project which has eventually published in PDF format.

9. CAD Textile Design: Another project ebook made based on textile Designs.

10. E-textile Designs: Design or E-textiles. A thesis paper download.

11. Interior Design & Textiles: A great book for the marchandising, interior designs.

12. Design Textile Prospectus 2010: Textile Design Prospectus book download.

Download these ebooks for free and enjoy reading.