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Every 3 months all members receive the latest issue of the magazine which is called Design-IT. The magazine contains a range of stimulating articles and reviews covering many different aspects of computer textile design. There is a good balance of articles to appeal to both beginners and more experienced computer Users. As many of themembers are teachers, we also aim to include suitable articles, from time to time, that can be applied to Design and Technology Projects for schools.

Contributions for the Design-IT magazine are welcome, either articles, program or book reviews, letters or news items, so if you have events planned, or if you need help, e-mail us the details.

CTDG does need a continuous stream of articles for Design-IT, and is always delighted to hear from anyone who has an idea. Please don’t hold back, or be shy. Please don’t be, even if you are fairly new to the computer. So are plenty of others.

They have articles that beginners will not find daunting, as well as some to hold the interest of those members who have been using computers for sometime.

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