The CTDG is an established group of textile-minded computer users, who wish to share their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm with like minded people. The computer skills of the members range from complete beginners to highly skilled experienced computer users.

Equally the range of computers and software used by the members is quite wide. Members interests include embroidery, surface design, screen and fabric printing, patchwork quilting, knitting, beading, lace-making, needlework, stitching and other textile activities. Although they are UK based, they have members worldwide including some of the top textile artists in the UK and overseas.

Every year they exhibit at a number of Exhibitions and shows around the UK.This year they are planning to go to: Stitches in Time, The South East Embroiderers Regional Day and of course the Knitting & Stitching Shows in London and Harrogate.

And for existing members, why don’t you come and give them a hand at one of the shows. It can be most rewarding meeting both other members of the CTDG and prospective members (and you get to see some of the show for free). Dont be shy and don’t think that you would have nothing to contribute. You will always be backed up by someone in the organisation who has “done it before” Even the Web master (who is more proficient with a mouse than a sewing machine) lends a hand.

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