Fireplaces in Surrey – the nation’s best-kept secret

Fireplaces surrey – two words which you might associate with tradition and a long history of providing a dedicated service to a large region. From Farnborough to Winchester, dozens of firms have made surrey and the surrounding area their home in the last few years. And if you’re wondering why these companies have always been so popular, here’s a sound explanation that’ll make you think twice about ordering from anywhere else!

Fireplaces SurreyWhen it comes to choice, fireplaces have everything you could ever want or need. While it’s true that London is the capital, it’s also true that if you can’t find a fireplace in surrey, it’s probably not worth having. A few of the most popular types are: wood and Victorian, but the choice ranges much further than that. Many showrooms offer fireplaces which come from Portugal and Italian marble is a variety that’s unlikely to ever go out of fashion.

Another strong reason why fireplaces in surrey are so popular is very simple: with a tradition for crafts in the area, the best bespoke fireplaces are made every day here. The conclusion? If you want the fireplace you’ve always dreamed of then fireplaces surrey are the two words you ought to never forget.

And when it comes to websites, some of the best websites around belong to companies in this region, and all are designed to make buying or designing fireplaces as simple as possible.

Fireplace Surrey Providers:

If you are looking for a beautiful stone mantel or perhaps a new energy efficient fireplace in and around the area of Surrey, take a look at for professional service and an amazing range of Fireplaces.

The Magazine

Every 3 months all members receive the latest issue of the magazine which is called Design-IT. The magazine contains a range of stimulating articles and reviews covering many different aspects of computer textile design. There is a good balance of articles to appeal to both beginners and more experienced computer Users. As many of themembers are teachers, we also aim to include suitable articles, from time to time, that can be applied to Design and Technology Projects for schools.

Contributions for the Design-IT magazine are welcome, either articles, program or book reviews, letters or news items, so if you have events planned, or if you need help, e-mail us the details.

CTDG does need a continuous stream of articles for Design-IT, and is always delighted to hear from anyone who has an idea. Please don’t hold back, or be shy. Please don’t be, even if you are fairly new to the computer. So are plenty of others.

They have articles that beginners will not find daunting, as well as some to hold the interest of those members who have been using computers for sometime.

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The CTDG is an established group of textile-minded computer users, who wish to share their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm with like minded people. The computer skills of the members range from complete beginners to highly skilled experienced computer users.

Equally the range of computers and software used by the members is quite wide. Members interests include embroidery, surface design, screen and fabric printing, patchwork quilting, knitting, beading, lace-making, needlework, stitching and other textile activities. Although they are UK based, they have members worldwide including some of the top textile artists in the UK and overseas.

Every year they exhibit at a number of Exhibitions and shows around the UK.This year they are planning to go to: Stitches in Time, The South East Embroiderers Regional Day and of course the Knitting & Stitching Shows in London and Harrogate.

And for existing members, why don’t you come and give them a hand at one of the shows. It can be most rewarding meeting both other members of the CTDG and prospective members (and you get to see some of the show for free). Dont be shy and don’t think that you would have nothing to contribute. You will always be backed up by someone in the organisation who has “done it before” Even the Web master (who is more proficient with a mouse than a sewing machine) lends a hand.

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If you are interested in Textiles and you (would like to) use your computer for design then the Computer Textile Design group is for you. The computer skills of their members range from complete beginners to highly skilled experienced computer users. Click here to go to their website.

The CTDG Publications include 7 workbooks:-Colour and Design, Screen to Fabric, Fabulous Filters, All About Selections, Draw Programs and Pattern Making, Scanners, Scanning, Scan and Using Your Digital Camera.

Then there are our Design-IT Back Issue Article “Selections”:-
There are five booklets, each containing a number of Back Issue Design-IT articles on a theme. Something for everybody, includes articles on Layers, Blending, pieces for free machine quilting, embroidery, computerised sewing machines, computer designs to fabric, digital camera and scanners.


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